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Birth Options – Where, With Whom, How ~ May 17th

May 17th, 6:30 – 8:30

Join Kay for an exploration of our many options for giving birth!

During these strange and turbulent times, so many birthing families are reassessing where they feel safest and most supported giving birth. Many birthing people who previously had not considered a homebirth are now wondering if that may be the right choice for them. Others are wondering how to best navigate the experience of birthing in the hospital given the new realities of COVID-19.

What we are noticing is that COVID-19 is changing the conversation around birth. Conversations around birthing at home are moving away from the fringes and are becoming more of a commonplace discussion. The differences between midwifery care and obstetric care are becoming more stark and more prominent. The desires for specific kinds of support during labor are heightened as the risks continue to evolve and change.

The disparities and experiences of our communities of color continue to escalate and the stark difference created by privilege are having an increasingly profound impact.

Where we birth, with whom, and how are questions that many of us are sitting with in all new ways as questions around how we can be supported continue to change.

Join us for this discussion of the risks and benefits of different birth locations, the choices in providers and support people, and the different types of birthing experiences we may choose or encounter.

As always this space is both educational and support oriented. Bring your questions, concerns, fears, and own inquires to our circle!

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