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Sometimes...our little ones are our greatest teachers...

Sometimes...they have the wisdom in their hearts that we as a people so desperately need.

Sometimes...it is in that journeying to provide support and help them find their way that ultimately....we find ourselves.

Last night my sweet girl was having big feels rising up to the surface. Both of my daughters have been struggling lately to put voice to their feelings – they’d much prefer to literally run from them or hide. My older daughter recently gave voice to her grief saying “It feels like being locked in a cage. I can’t run from it. I can’t hide from it. But I also can’t face it”. I think my youngest, and perhaps all of us, felt that too.

As we sat in the garden, me inviting her to open up and share the burden of her pain, my daughter was not so willing to be vulnerable and brave and share her heart. 

At last she said, “Well…I could tell Mrs. Cucumber...”

(her affectionate name for the large cucumbers growing in the garden)


Sitting in the garden, engulfed in cucumber plants, she whispered her pain to Mrs. Cucumber. It felt easy she said, to talk to her plant friend.

We then wandered over to the Marigolds. “Well….I could tell Mrs. Marigold, and then she can tell you” she said as she whispered her heartache to another plant friend. This time, I turned on my Witchy Mama and gave voice to the medicine of the plants.

“Mrs. Marigold says that she has medicine for you! She offered to give herself to you, to let you pick her one flower if you will hold it close to your heart, let it help you find your brave, and use her medicine to help you share with your Mama.”


The answer didn’t quite suffice, but she seemed to like the idea. We travelled around the garden, visiting each of her plant friends. She would whisper to each one about her heartache and then ask me what they said in response. Each one validated the message of Mrs. Marigold “She says that Mrs. Marigold has the medicine you need. Go pick a flower and find your brave.”

 At last we returned to the Mrs. Marigold plant. I shared, through the voice of Mrs. Marigold, how we can use the plant spirit medicine of a plant to help us find our brave. We picked the flower together and as the stem held on and didn’t want to break, she softly whispered “It’s okay, you can let go now”

As she sat in the middle of the garden, holding the flower close to her heart, you could see her physically and emotionally start to soften.

She opened up and shared the heartache of a world so rapidly changing. She talked about how difficult change can be, giving voice to all the things that I think so many of us are feeling in this new and evolving world.


At the end, she looked up at me and smiled, “You were right Mama! I guess Mrs. Marigold did help me be brave!!”

Today I am grateful for the medicine of the plants. For the magic of these gardens. For the chance to sit among the garden beds, supported by their powerful medicine and grace, learning how to open up our hearts.

 To my sweet baby girl, may you always remain friends with your Plant Allies. When the feelings feel too tough, or the bravery to find your voice too elusive, may you remember your connection to the plants and the strength they offer to let it all out.

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