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"When we infuse our medicine with consciousness, the entire paradigm of healing begins to change"

~Kay Parsons

About Kay…

Kay Parsons is a holistic healer, transformational life coach, and midwife for the soul who has dedicated her life to tending our most vulnerable and tender thresholds of healing, growth, transformation, grief, and loss.

Kay’s work is deeply informed by her own journey of growth and becoming and the continual wisdom gained from raising her four children.

Educational Background…

Kay studied psychology, social work, and holistic healing while earning her B.A. at Hampshire College. She went on to complete an herbal apprenticeship with Blazing Star Herbal School, a midwifery education program with WomanCraft Midwifery, and birth doula training with Warm Welcome Birth Services.

Kay’s continuing education has included training in perinatal mental health with Postpartum Support International, pregnancy loss with Amy Wright Glenn, and ongoing herbal education with Aviva Jill Romm and Blazing Star Herbal School.

Kay is also a trained support group facilitator through Motherwoman, Way of Council, and Group Peer Support (GPS).

Most recently, Kay completed an advanced training in grief, loss, and companioning with Amy Wright Glenn to become a Holding Space Consultant.

Currently, Kay is working with Dr. Kate Siner to refine her coaching practice and is preparing to return to school to earn her LMHC license as a therapist.

The Power of Story….

Kay’s approach to care is founded on a belief in the sacredness and power of our stories and the ways in which they give us meaning and a sense of place within our lives. Through deep listening and being witnessed within our stories, we cultivate the ability to embody the fullness of all that we are.

Kay’s deeply attuned presence and calm, caring authenticity invite a courageous bravery to rumble with our stories, get to know our hungry ghosts, and venture into the meaning making that occurs when we are lovingly held in our most vulnerable truths and stories.

"To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly."

~Brene Brown

The Gaurdian ~ By removing photos of childbirth, Facebook is censoring powerful female images

“In both of the banned images, it is the women who are delivering their babies; birth is something they are actively and powerfully doing themselves. They challenge everything many people wrongly assume to be true about childbirth and show the female body naked, shameless, real, capable, useful, active, empowered. This is why women need to see these images; and this is why they are censored.” ~ Milli Hill

Read the full article…about Kay’s birth photo that went viral and was banned!

Birth Work…

Kay has been working with birthing families since 2007 as a birth and postpartum doula, midwifery student, childbirth educator, and pregnancy consultant. Kay is a contributing author to the Birthing Mama online companion program, and a teacher in the Birthing Mama Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.

Currently, Kay teaches childbirth education classes and offers consultation and support for individuals navigating their pregnancy journey. In addition, Kay provides case management and support for birthing people on Medicaid and works closely with Accompany Doula Care to facilitate a Medicaid funded Doula Program serving low income families in Massachusetts.

Kay’s Published Writing

*Note: Kay was formerly known as Kristen Avonti. Many of her writings appear under her former name**

Contributing Author:

  • Birthing Mama online pregnancy companion
  • Round the Circle
  • Give Birth Like a Feminist
  • The Sacred Nature of Birth

Womb Wisdom

Womb Wisdom is an invitation to reclaim your relationship with your Moon Time. Dive into a deeper understanding of your body, your cycles and the rhythms of your life. Learn about the traditional practice and nourishing & supportive herbs which ease menstrual cramps, support emotional well-being and connect us deeply to our belly and womb.



Holistic Healing….

Kay has cultivated a healing arts practice for more than 15 years. As an herbalist and holistic life coach Kay provides support in navigating that difficult journeys of our physical and emotional well being. Kay’s work blends together a rich background in herbal medicine, plant spirit healing, Reiki, shamanic practices, and a deeply attuned presence to support you in identifying your holistic life goals and navigating your way towards greater health and well being.


Kay has been an educator throughout her life, teaching in a variety of settings. Kay’s teaching career has included courses at the University of Massachusetts (UMass), Amherst, as well as guest teaching in a variety of training programs throughout the Northeast. In addition has taught a variety of courses on pregnancy, birth, women’s health, herbal medicine, and personal empowerment.

Currently, Kay is teaching an online Childbirth Education Series through Birthing Mama and Yoga Center Amherst. Check it out!