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Soul Midwifery Care includes three basic components:


Together we will look like at the areas of your life where you need extra support. We will explore your desires, hopes, and dreams for you and your family during your time of transition. This is primarily an information gathering session and generally last 2-3 hours.

Getting to Know Each Other

Get to Know You visits generally last 3 hours and offer an opportunity to build relationship and see how you move through the landscape of your life. Over the course of 3-6 visits we will get to know one another and deepen into the areas of your life where you need more support.

Plan of Care

After the Get to Know You phase, clients receive a personalized plan of care. This includes support services such as meal planning & preparation, herbal care, spiritual counseling, Reiki, holistic PCA care, etc. Each client's plan of care is unique to their needs and the needs of their circle of support. 


To inquire about services or begin our journey together please CONTACT KRISTEN.





 Sliding Scale $150-250

Get to Know You

$75-100 per visit

 Typically includes 3-6 visits.

Holistic PCA Care


Includes home-making, nourishment support, and holistic personal care

Postpartum Doula


Includes nourishment support, cleaning, and care for Mama, baby, and the family.

Soul Midwifery Care


Includes herbal care, spiritual counseling, Reiki, ritual, and ceremony